Australia has become 3rd most popular education hubs for international students since countable number of years. 43 universities are present in australia with the provision of higher education prospect. Out of 43 universities in australia, 40 universities are of australian board, 2 are international universities and one is private university. Fair populations of overseas students positively respond to apply for higher studies at Australia due to the social assorted varieties, friendly community and a high caliber of education and training approaches. Australia provides $500 million AUD as the scholarship scheme for international students every year. However, the students are required to appear the English language test for applying.


  • Australia provides vocational as well as technical education which is based on practicality and perceived as best approach to learning rather than theoretical educational procedure.
  • The degree qualifications and accreditation from the Australian Board is recognized by Top Educational Institutions and organizations worldwide.
  • Australian universities and institutions provide World class research centers, Study halls and Hi-Tech libraries for instruction, innovation and research obligatory.
  • The Australian community greets the international students with hospitality due to their multicultural nature.
  • The cost of living and settlement is fairly cheap as compared to that of USA and UK. Furthermore, the students are allowed to work part time up to 40 hours fortnight and full time during vacation while pursuing their higher education.


Australia is ranked among the best 10 countries in the Human Development Index and Quality of Life Index. Among the top nations for the education framework, the assessed monthly cost is approximate $1300 AUD.