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SAT is conducted for admissions into undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree programs. This paper pencil based test is needed by most American schools, as well as schools in Canada and Singapore to assess students for undergraduate admission. It is the de facto entrance test for most of the top universities all around the world. Global Tree offers SAT training with an in-house team of experts who provide strategic SAT exam preparation for all students who plan to take the examination. A right time to take the SAT is in class 11th when the student has sufficient time to prepare for the same. However, one can also take SAT before college deadlines. The importance of SAT exam preparation through expert SAT training cannot be stressed enough.
Structure of the SAT Examination
SAT Writing and Language Test
The SAT Writing and Language Test is also a series of multiple choice questions derived from reading passages. Successful performance in this section comes from dedicated SAT exam preparation through SAT coaching that gives one the ability to choose answers that reflect skills at reading passages, interpreting them and writing one’s synopsis in a clear fashion.
1. The writing test is of 35 minutes in length duration, and the student is required to review and edit texts which are sourced from a wide range of subjects.
2. The student is expected to make the texts grammatically as well as contextually correct by correcting errors if any.
3. The student is evaluated for his understanding of the rules of grammar, elements of style in writing, punctuation and ordering of sentences as a part of this test. On grammar rules, elements of writing style, punctuation and sentence order in this test.
4. The SAT writing test consists of four passages which are accompanied by 44 different multiple choice questions.
5. The passages are generally taken from a diverse set of subjects which typically include social studies, humanities, politics, careers, and sciences.

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1. The SAT plays an important role in your admission process. The SAT score of the student can help him get scholarships as well as admission to the college of his choice.

2. Global Tree can help you with a personalized plan for improving your scores on the SAT

3. Our team of expert faculty are well versed in the SAT syllabus and question type’s

4.Focused attention on each student with customized feedback

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